Does your dealership have customers with no insurance?

Don’t spend hours on insurance when you should be focused on selling your next car.

Fetch can help your customers get insured in minutes, completely online and without asking the customer to leave the dealership. Fetch offers standard and non-standard carriers, so even customers with bad credit or bad driving histories can find insurance through Fetch.(855) 55 – FETCH

Do your customers have expensive insurance?

Don’t lower the price of the car — instead, help the customer lower his insurance payment.

Typically, these customers have expensive insurance and need a lower car payment to offset their expensive insurance. The next time a customer asks you to drop the price of the car, you should ask them “How much are you paying for car insurance?” If Fetch can save them some money, it may save your car deal. And it only takes 2 minutes to get the quotes.(855) 55 – FETCH

Does your dealership want to be legally compliant?

The moment you refer a customer to a local agent in exchange for money, you are officially subject to your state’s insurance laws.

In many states, the way the agent compensates you could subject you to fines of $1,000 or higher per occurrence. And if you offer products like Debt Cancellation or Collateral Protection Insurance, you need to call us NOW to learn how Fetch can help you with CFPB compliance.(855) 55 – FETCH

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  • David F.

    Indianapolis IN, BHPH Dealer

    We use Fetch which is integrated with our DMS. Using Fetch has cut the wait time for insurance by two-thirds and improved our overall customer satisfaction.

  • Heath Wynn

    Chesapeake VA, Southern Chrysler Jeep

    We had a young customer wanting to purchase a car but due to his insurance quote from USAA he was unable to afford the vehicle. After speaking with the customer he was open to using Fetch to seek better insurance quotes and it worked out well! Because of Fetch he was able to afford both the vehicle and the insurance. Thanks Fetch!!!

  • Michael Love

    Chesapeake VA, TM Auto Wholesalers LLC

    I had a customer come in that stated he had his insurance taken care of. After adding the new vehicle, it became a little disappointing to him when he found out how much his Insurance Down Payment and Monthly Insurance Payment were going to end up costing him.  He WAS GETTING READY TO LEAVE when I used Fetch. Already had his info plugged into Frazer and clicked the insurance button, 5 clicks later I had 3 quotes and we were done and insurance printed, customer was super excited!!
    Every Dealer should be using Fetch to save deals or maybe even save your customer some money every month!!