1. How does Fetch work?

Fetch takes the process of visiting four or more insurance carrier websites and condenses it down into a few minutes. Instead of filling out the same information over and over to compare quotes at different websites, the customer enters his or her information only once at fetchaquote.com. The information is then sent electronically to multiple insurance carrier websites to produce the same insurance quote that the customer would have received if the customer had directly visited each insurance website.

Once the insurance carriers take a few seconds to generate the insurance quotes, all the quotes from the various insurance carriers are shown side-by-side on Fetch’s website. The customer can compare the quotes and click “Purchase” for the quote he or she selects. The customer, with all of his or her information, is hyperlinked back to the insurance carrier’s website to finalize the quote and purchase the policy at the insurance carrier’s website.

2. Why should my dealership offer Fetch to its customers?

Every dealership has customers who have no insurance, and every dealership has customers who would benefit from saving money on insurance.

For customers with no insurance:

Why spend 1-2 hours calling local agents, hoping they answer, and making the customer give the same information over the phone over and over again? It’s a crappy process that takes a long time. Compounding the problem is that the local agent isn’t usually working on nights, weekends, and holidays — the times when dealerships are typically the busiest.

With Fetch, the customer spends 2 minutes entering his or her information into Fetch’s website. The quotes then appear in a matter of seconds. The customer can choose a quote and purchase the policy in a few additional minutes. The insurance cards and binder (with the lienholder information) can be printed at the dealership.

For customers who already have insurance:

All insurance carriers price customers and vehicles differently, and there is no insurance carrier or agent that is the cheapest every single time. By shopping among multiple carriers, the customer is more likely to find the policy that fits his or her budget. And when the salesperson saves the customer money on insurance, the customer can afford a higher car payment and/or can purchase gap insurance or an extended service contract.

Every $20 the salesperson lowers the car payment costs the dealership $1,000 in revenue. Don’t lower the car payment until you see if you can lower the customer’s insurance payment!

3. Is there a cost to use Fetch?

Fetch is completely free to the customer and completely free to the dealer. Fetch gets paid by the insurance companies, so there is no need for us to get greedy and try to charge the customer or the dealer too.

4. Why doesn't Fetch pay salespeople to use its website?

Fetch offers the customer the chance to save money. Fetch offers the dealership the chance to save time and find the customer insurance savings which can be spent at the dealership.

We view it as a conflict of interest to pay the salesperson to send us customers. We believe that the salesperson has an obligation to help the customer find an insurer that is best FOR THE CUSTOMER. Anyone who can afford to pay salespeople for customers is probably not offering the best prices to the customer.

If customers knew that the salesperson typically recommends a local insurance agent solely based on how much the agent pays the salesperson, customers would be very angry.

5. How do I get my dealership signed up for Fetch?

If you can’t access Fetch through your DMS, you can call us at (855)-55-FETCH or email us at customerservice@fetchaquote.com. If you email us, just tell us that you want Fetch at your dealership and include your phone number and address. We’ll give you a call right away to sign you up and give you your user name and password. If you feel you need training on how to use the website, we can provide a training webinar free of charge.

6. Why does Fetch require a User ID and Password?

We like to be able to track where the customers are coming from so we can help them if there is a problem. Giving each dealership a unique user name and password helps ensure that we know where our customers are coming from.

7. If Fetch is integrated with my DMS provider, do I still need a User ID and Password?

In short, the answer is “NO”. Fetch is integrated directly with the dealer management software providers Frazer, Wayne Reaves Software, Micro 21, and ComSoft. If you use one of these DMS providers, you should notice an insurance tab on the DMS screen. That’s us! Just click the button and follow the prompts.

If you can access Fetch via an integration with one of these DMS providers, you DO NOT need to call us to get a User ID and password – you can access Fetch directly through that insurance button on the DMS.

8. What internet browser is recommended for using the Fetch website?

We have seen problems with people using Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the website. We highly recommend using Chrome or Firefox. We also support Internet Explorer 10 or higher. You can download those browsers for free by clicking here : Download Chrome Here, Download Firefox Here, Download IE Here.

9. Does the dealer need an insurance license to suggest Fetch to its customers?

The dealership does not need an insurance license to recommend our website to a customer. However, most states prohibit the dealership personnel from applying for insurance on behalf of the customer unless the salesperson has an insurance license. Further, a salesperson cannot tell the customer which policy to purchase unless the salesperson has an insurance license.

10. Can the dealer assist the customer with the process?

The salesperson can still assist with the process of using Fetch. The salesperson can make a dealership computer available to the customer, can log into the website for the customer, and can answer any basic questions about using the website. Often, the salesperson will sit with the customer to make sure the customer can navigate the Fetch website. But if the customer has ever checked email or booked an airplane ticket online, our website will be just as easy.

11. Who collects the customer’s insurance premium?

The insurance carriers collect the premium through their websites via debit card, credit card or bank draft. Fetch doesn’t collect payments, and the dealer will not need to collect any payments either.

12. How does the dealership get the proof of insurance? How does the customer get his insurance cards?

Once the customer purchases the insurance, the customer will have the ability to print the insurance cards and the insurance declarations right there at the dealership. Most insurance companies also email this information to the customer. Unless there is a problem, there is no need to call the insurance company or wait for a fax.

13. If the customer buys a policy, is it likely that the insurer will cancel the policy or raise the premiums?

Right before the customer buys the policy, the chosen insurance carrier will run the customer’s motor vehicle records and do a soft pull on the customer’s credit. If the insurance carrier finds something it doesn’t like or it did not know about, it might increase or decrease the premiums PRIOR to purchase. Because the insurance carriers do all their homework BEFORE finalizing the sale, the likelihood that the customer gets canceled or has his insurance premiums increased shortly after buying a policy is almost non-existent.

14. The customer's original quotes were good, but they all increased before the customer bought a policy -- what happened?

The insurance quotes displayed on the Fetch website are directly from the insurance carrier’s websites as if the customer had gone directly to their website to enter his or her information. Further, the quotes are only as accurate as the information the customer enters. If the customer does not add a driving incident or claims to be single when he or she is really married, the premium could go up when the insurance carrier pulls the customer’s credit and driving records. Having a child in the household that is 14-18 years old can also cause the premium to increase – and insurers can determine then when they do the credit and driving record pull right before the customer buys the policy.

15. If I have a customer that has an insurance lapse, can I call them to come into the dealership and use Fetch to get insured?

Absolutely! We understand the some dealerships may have customers that, throughout the life of the car loan, let their insurance lapse from time to time. If the dealership gets notified that the customer has let his or her insurance cancel, the dealership can let the customer come to the dealership to use Fetch to get insured again. Often, this is much cheaper and easier than deciding whether to force place insurance on the customer’s account.

16. What if the dealership forgets its password?

We all have a million passwords, so we completely understand. You can either click the link on the site to reset the password or you can give us a call at (855) 55-FETCH and we’ll reset it for you.

17. How long has Fetch been in business?

We formed Fetch in March 2013 and launched our product in January 2014. We were built by car guys who know the headaches insurance can cause a car salesperson.

We are based in Virginia Beach, VA. Our company mission is to help customers save money, help dealers sell more cars, and to have as much fun at work as the law will allow.