How To Save Time During Your Car Deals

Fetch offers several time-saving benefits for car dealers:

  • Fetch can get your customers insured in minutes. Fetch is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Insurance quotes done completely online.
  • It takes 2 minutes to get up to 4 quotes for your customers. From there, finalize, purchase and print the policy chosen by the customer.
  • Integrated DMS providers take the information already entered and return quotes in 30 seconds.

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How many times have you been in this situation?

It’s late on a Friday night and you’re almost done with your last car deal when the customer says, “I don’t have car insurance — Is that a problem?”

UGH – You realize you will definitely not be heading home anytime soon. You begin to rack your brain for a quick solution — You can’t send them over to a local agent because it’s an evening and you know they aren’t at the office this late. Maybe you can call them? — No answer. Great, stuck back at square one.

You pull up the number for a call center for a national insurance carrier and ask your customer to call them. The customer grows more and more annoyed as they try to navigate through the robotic menu on the other end of the line. Finally, they get a real live person!

Now you wait while your customer gives their information to a person that then types their information into a computer system….aka a complete waste of time. You wince every time your customer has to repeat and spell out their information to the call center, knowing that the customer is growing more and more annoyed, which won’t reflect well on you.

After all that, now it’s time for the agent on the line to read all the legal disclosures to your customer. That’s 15 minutes of your life that you and your customer are never getting back!

So after 30 minutes of this process, your customer is given an insurance quote — It’s way too expensive. They look at you, and say “I can’t afford this car and the insurance. You’re going to have to lower the price of the car.”

Darn. If you lower the price of the car anymore, that’s not going to go over well with your general manager. Not to mention, reducing the price will also cut a huge chunk out of your commission.

Perhaps you can ask them to call another insurance company? Of course that means another 30 minutes spent on the phone just to get a quote. Even if they choose to buy that policy, you’ll have to wait for them to fax over the insurance binder. You, your customer, and your finance manager are all ready to call it a night and go home. Perhaps you could wait until tomorrow to finish? That won’t work because then you run the risk of losing the customer entirely.

No matter what option you choose at this point it’s basically a lose-lose situation for YOU.

Creating a time saving solution:

Does the above situation sound familiar? It happened all too often to President and Co-Founder of Fetch, Joe Kindley, during his 20 years working in car sales. Joe knew there HAD to be a better solution.

He started by setting up multiple computer stations where customers could re-enter information to various online insurance carriers until they found an acceptable quote to purchase. But even this process still took 10 – 15 minutes per insurance company website.

Joe had an idea: what if there was a website where the customer could enter his or her information one time and receive multiple insurance quotes? And what if the customer could click on the best quote and be taken to the insurance company’s website to purchase the policy?

Joe and his friend, Berk Jolly, decided to create Fetch — an online insurance portal that takes the customer’s information ONCE and returns up to 4 quotes from national insurance carriers. This way customers can compare and select auto insurance policies on one screen, in minutes. In short, they created a complete online solution to insurance problems that have plagued car dealerships for years.

Fetch can get your customers insured in minutes and the service is available all hours of the day; 365 days a year! Even customers with bad credit or terrible driving records can get insured using Fetch.

It takes 2 minutes to get up to 4 quotes for your customers. From there, finalize, purchase and print the policy chosen by the customer — the entire process takes about 5 minutes total. There is no paperwork to fax — it’s not the 80’s — and no time-consuming application to complete.

Best of all, if you are using one of our partner DMS providers in your dealership, customers can receive quotes in 30 seconds! All the information you’ve already entered into the DMS for the car deal simply transfers over to the Fetch website. And with a few more clicks, you have up to 4 different quotes for your customer. Contact us to see if we are integrated with your dealership’s DMS.

Fetch is offered to dealerships and their customers for FREE. We provide quick, on-demand webinar training to help get you started! Head home earlier with Fetch – (855) 55-FETCH.

More Time-Saving Benefits From Fetch:

  • Fetch is available 24/7; 365 days a year.
  • All but one insurance policies can be purchased completely online without having to speak with a live agent.
  • Data already entered into the Fetch platform will automatically transfer to any of our insurance carriers’ sites.
  • Customers will not receive unsolicited inbound phone calls from non-selected insurance agents.
  • Customers will receive same day policies.
  • Customers go from quotes to purchased and bound within 5 minutes.
  • No call center — the customer is dropped directly on the website for the insurance carrier he or she chooses.