Management Team
  • Responsible for all things legal, financial, and strategic. Often wears Uggs to work and sunglasses at night....
    Berk Jolly

    Co-founder / CEO

  • Handles business development, strategic initiatives and large client relationships. Has never lost to Fred in a game of "Golden Tee" - carries around trophy to prove it....
    Joe Kindley

    Co-founder / President

  • Architect of the company's software. Not a fan of people messing with said software....
    Jay Petersen

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Responsible for dealer training and new dealer on-boarding. Argues with Joe constantly about who sold more cars in their careers - the jury is still out....
    Shawn Flannagan

    Director of Sales

  • Responsible for strategic integrations and hoarding legal pads. Actually owns a slide rule....
    Fred Rector

    Director of Business Development

After almost 20 years in the car business, Joe Kindley was tired of spending 2 hours helping uninsured customers find a policy. And even more frustrating to Joe were the customers who couldn't afford the car payment because their insurance was sky-high. All the insurance companies quote online -- why not have a website that quotes all the insurance companies at the same time?

In 2013, Joe and his friend, Berk Jolly, formed Fetch. They knew absolutely nothing about insurance, but they did know calling one agent at a time took too long and didn't typically save the customer money. Fetch launched in Virginia in January of 2014 and started expanding to other states later that year. Currently, Fetch offers multiple insurance quotes to customers all across the United States. Fetch is the only insurance site in existence that can offer up to 4 insurance quotes and allow the customer to purchase any of the 4 policies online without ever having to make or receive a phone call.

Fetch currently has direct integrations with 9 different insurance companies, with more states and more insurance companies coming online all the time.